I hold Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.

After finishing my studies I started my work career  at Alcatel Finland as Design Engineer.
in years 1986-1987 I worked at Alcatel Austria in Vienna as Software Engineer.

In 1989 I was employed  by Martis Oy, a
privately held Finnish telecom equipment maker.
 Martis Oy was acquired in 1993 by Tellabs Inc, and I became the employee of Tellabs.

At Tellabs I have worked as Chief Designer in various large international software development programs.
In these programs I have participated in organizing
numerous technical demonstrations and work-shops to potential customers all aroud the world. Very often these potential customers became  long-term customers for Tellabs.

In product development programs I have worked  in close cooperation with, for example, many Systems Engineers of  Tellabs Product  House in Tellabs Santa Clara, California, U.S.