ICT-Kiitäjä is a Finnish private company established in 2011. The company offers ICT consulting services.

About the  Company Name

Kiitäjä is Finnish and refers to butterfly family sphinx moth.
  Other than the sphinx moth butterfly family the Finnish word refers to something which proceeds very fast. This name very well describes the nature of the sphinx moth butterflies, since they fly faster than other butterfly families.
  ICT industry currently proceeds very fast - perhaps faster than many other technology sectors.
ICT-Kiitäjä intensively follows the progress in ICT industry. In
this fast progressing technology sector ICT-Kiitäjä  follows an analytic, consist and  purposeful operating mode. This operating mode  is the same which is used by the company founder Kari Eerola. Kari Eerola owns a long and successful career in various telecommunication companies.


The service offered by the company can be:
  • Specification and design of of network elements and the related software (embedded, network management and service management software),
  • Hardware, software and system testing.
Service details are discussed with customer  when the contract. The  compensation is invoiced on hourly basis.  Whenever possible, the work is performed in the business premises of the company in Laajalahti, Espoo, Finland.

The company founder Kari Eerola has a long experience on both fixed line and mobile telecommunication networks and related nework and service management systems (NMS, SMS).

Kari Eerola is specialised in various transmission solutions of 3G and 4G mobile networks (IP/MPLS, Ethernet, multi-service, l2/l3 vpn (pwe3, vpls, ip-vpn) as well as in their management systems.